Born in London, England, Rob began his journey as a song writer and producer at age 16. Rob was hand-picked from among thousands of applicants to attend the BRIT Performing Arts and Technology College. There, Rob learned the foundations of music production, recording techniques, and mix engineering. Some of the other students who attended BRIT were; Amy Whinehouse, Imogen Heap,  and Adele. It was here that Rob quickly gained a passion for composition and production, allowing him to produce and write for other students and up and coming artists.

In 2000, Rob received a publishing deal from Universal Music Publishing and thus became the youngest writer/producer on Universal’s roster. With frequent travel to Sweden, Denmark, Los Angeles, and New York, Rob was invited to write with the famous writing teams Murlyn and Cosmos. These opportunities led, in turn, to writing and production work on several multi-platinum albums selling over two million copies, one of which hit the number one spot in the United Kingdom and Europe. He co-wrote and produced a song was entered for the “Eurovision Song Contest” heats for the BBC.

It was in 2008 he moved to Los Angeles, California to further his career as a writer and producer. In 2008, Rob began working for world-renowned composer Hans Zimmer (12 Years a Slave, Inception, The Dark Knight,The Last Samurai, Gladiator, Pirates Of The Caribbean) at his studios in Santa Monica and got to work on the movies The Dark Knight, Madagascar 2, Angels and Demons and Frost Nixon.

In April 2009, Rob was hired by 9-time Oscar Nominee, composer James Newton Howard (The Dark Knight, I am Legend, The Fugitive, Pretty Woman, The Sixth Sense, King Kong,) also located in Santa Monica on a full time basis. Persaud has had the privilege of witnessing the famous working duo of M.Night Shyamalan and James Newton Howard and has worked and written on scores such as Hunger Games, The Last Airbender, SALT, The Green Lantern, Water For Elephants, Inhale, Love and Other Drugs and The Bourne Legacy.

2015 saw Rob sign a publishing deal with Dr Luke’s Prescription Songs (Rx Songs).